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The Ugandan’s health and life expectancy is among the lowest across the globe. In Uganda, one in every 200 births ends the mother’s life. Approximately 1 million people are living with HIV and although malaria accounts for 14% of all deaths, less than 10% of children under five years of age sleep under insecticide-teated nets.

Pastor Fred has these things in mind:
  • Provide quality medical treatment and psycho-social support through a home based care program
  • Provide counseling to both the HIV/AIDS infected and affected.
  • Address stigmas and discriminations related to HIV/AIDS at the community level.
  • Address gender inequalities related to HIV/AIDS such as widow inheritance, vulnerability of women to HIV/AIDS, early teenage marriages of the girl-child.
  • Promote HIV/AIDS prevention programs at the community level.
  • Sensitize communities about the consequences of relatives who grab widows and orphans as property when the male spouse/parent dies.

According to True Word Ministries, on of the biggest needs for this project to get started is to build functioning community structures that can lead to tangible improvement in health care and access to health services at the local level.

Local people are now starting to demand decent health service for Omega School and Community; they do this by faith, trusting in the Almighty God and His own timing. Our challenge is acquiring the funds to build a Health Centre for better access to services for thousands of people living in this remote part of Busoga, Uganda. Please extend your generosity to this urgent need.

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