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Mission Trips

Considering a mission trip to True Word Ministries?

True Word Ministries welcomes visitors, fundraisers, sponsors and friends. Any short term mission work should complement our mission statement.

Please prayerfully consider activities or projects for your group that further the goals of True Word Ministries. Some suggestions are: share the Gospel through Bible teaching, drama, music or children’s programs, conduct health care activities or construction projects for a church, school or village, teach seminars for teachers, parents or married couples. Your generosity will benefit many people with hope and improved quality of life.

What is required for travel to visit True Word Ministries?

You will need a current passport, a yellow fever vaccine and a visa issued by the Ugandan government for travel to Uganda. The Entebbe Airport will be your airport of entry to Uganda. It is near Kampala (the capital of Uganda), about two hours from the True Word Ministries Head Office/Mission House in Jinja.

What are the costs?

In addition to your airfare, personal items and other travel costs, True Word Ministries charges fees for your trip which vary depending on the group size and activities. Some items included in these fees are: transportation to and from the airport, local transportation, and three meals per day, lodging, materials and costs of building projects, if applicable. (Subject to change.) Also, any supplies for your mission activities should be brought by you. Consider fundraising for your trip. Many people cannot go to the mission field, but they can be a part of missions by being a “sender” or an “intercessor.” They just need the opportunity!

What can I expect?

God has plans to bless you! Removed from your accustomed environment, this is a time to depend on God for His guidance in new situations. If you have never visited a developing country, you may be in for a shock. the sights and smells can be very different from your home. Time schedules in Uganda are slower paced than in the USA. the sun’s rays are strong in equatorial Jinja, even during the rainy season. The mosquitoes can be fierce (as well as carry malaria). The people are generally welcoming and friendly and everyone understands a smile – no matter what their language or culture.

To submit inquiries about a mission opportunity please email: Thank you for your interest in ministering with True Word Ministries.

Useful words:

Muzungu – “Keeper of Time”
Jambo – “Hello”
Musungu is an affectionate term for white Westerners.

True Word Ministries’ Policies

NO alcohol, NO smoking, NO illegal drugs, and dress must be modest.

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