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July 2012

Butagaya Four Days Victory

On Tuesday, August 07, 2012 through Friday. August 10, 2012 at Namagera Primary School ground, we planted our giant evangelistic Ministry Tent. God blessed us with very conducive weather; all days were bright and early mornings held blue skies. 

Rev. Fred Tumwebaze ministering to the
sick and demon possessed people

We went through the organized four days of victory and one overnight prayer meeting majestically glorifying God for the wonderful events and provisions of food for hundreds of people. We are gaining new experiences at every locality we go.

At Namagera Conference and overnight we fought addictions, loneliness, temptations, and shared our spiritual experience. We instilled hope to people who were hardly being tormented with bad habits, and diseases. Reverend Fred Tumwebaze organized the entire conference and, though his messages, addressed real issues in the life of faith.


The theme of the teaching was:
“Building a Godly character”

Rev. Fred rebuked those who have pride in their gifts that are God given. He informed the congregation that, ‘man is an instrument in God’s hands and all that we have is God given.’ The messages for all four days and night were edifying and inspiring with twenty five (25) people confessing and receiving Christ as their personal savior. 

Going through all the four days and Friday night was not chid’s play; many people were harshly tormented with disease, sickness and demons. They sought assistance and we prayer for their deliverance.

“We are grateful for all people who love our ministries and pray that you will join us in bringing God’s comfort, hope, and grace to those who seek the Peace that passes all understanding.”



Greetings from Uganda:
With our financial challenges, one would expect us to discontinue our outreach program due to lack of funds for carrying on our mission. That has not been the case with us; we are still proceeding with our Tent Ministry outreach programs. It is difficult to express in words the encouragement the Tent Ministry bring to people. We have shared God’s word and the deep spiritual power it brings about. We believe that, “God is tapping you on the shoulder to step out for a new experience. Our invitation is open to whomever may be interested in joining us morally, spiritually, or financially.” Through your gifts, struggling brothers and sisters will be able to receive the encouragement and hope they need. We will be happy to share those blessings with you. On August 31, 2012 we need your prayers for an Overnight which will be held at Kagoma Hill, Jinja – Kamuli Road.