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March 2012

Pastor Fred at his home church at Buwenge Uganda

Best Easter Wishes to you.

Easter Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust all is well with you in this year 2012. Our prayers are with you in this Easter season as we remem-ber the death of our great savoir who gave His life for all of us. May He be with you and keep you safe.

In Uganda many people take Easter to be a time for visiting with family and for at least going to church as we may have not been to church in months. We are kept busy each day with other things that seem to matter to us most. Thanks be to God that on Easter we remember to worship the almighty God. However am always asking myself if we really go to worship the one we love most and if we do love Him most, why don’t we worship Him each day and each Sunday. The world is full of things that can distract us from the only thing that matter most, the world keeps us busy with things that will take us no where.

Setting life priorities

In life one must set his or her priorities correctly if any thing is to be a achieved or accomplished. However, as we think of achieving in life we forget that our spiritual life is not composed of the many things that one has achieved. So, as we celebrate Easter let us pray to God to help us to set our spiritual priorities above all things that we value and love most. Be blessed.

What to ask on Easter

  • Ask God to forgive you.
  • Ask Jesus to be  Lord of your life.
  • Ask God to save you.



This year 2012 we have our hearts full of joy for the provision of a Tent which has been our prayer for many years. Now I have the honor to report that our tent arrived this month, March 2012. We would like to extend our thanks to our friends in Arkansas who donated the tent and shipped it to Uganda. We promise to put this tent to good use as we go from place to place for all night prayer meetings and revival gatherings. God bless all our friends and partners.

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