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April 2012

Good Friday Night Prayer

Dear brethren, we send you many Christian greetings from Uganda. Life and ministry here is rocking.

It was on April 6th, 2012, that we gathered together as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, on a Good Friday with a lot of excitement and joy inside us to thank the Almighty God for allowing his beloved son to come on earth to die for our sins.

April 6th, 2012 Good Friday Night Prayer at Buwenge Uganda

This night was also to officially dedicate our tent to the hands of God as we reach out to communities with all night prayer meetings and revival gatherings each month.The meeting attracted many people to a tune of over 800 in attendance. We had beautiful praise and worship, and a special presentations from gospel musicians. Before the meeting started, we had a thanksgiving dinner together. We slaughtered a bull for this occasion. God blessed us that night with a heavy down pour of rain after a long dry season. The spirit of the Lord was with us. The whole night was fully dedicated to thanking God for all the things he has done for the ministries and individuals.

We therefore, wish to thank all brethren who helped us to fulfill our dream of acquiring a ministry tent.  You can now see how far you have brought us.

The ministries here in Uganda are promising; we call upon you dear friends to keep us in your daily prayers.





This month is the beginning of our strategy to go from county to county with Overnight Prayer Meeting, beginning with Butagaya Sub-county on May 25th, 2012.

We ask you to pray for a successful meeting, transportation of people  and equipment, and also God’s presence as Pastor Fred carries the word to others.

More updates will be coming in future newsletters.  God bless you all!

Easter Sunday Service