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January 2011

What is True Word Ministries?

Pastor Fred
Pastor Fred at his home church at Buwenge Uganda

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a big blessing to write to you at the beginning of the new year. I would love to wish you the best and may the Lord keep you and bless all your plans for 2011. Allow me now to share with you about the above ministry. It was way back in 1996 that the Lord led me to start True Word Ministries with the purpose of doing church planing, leadership training seminars, crusades, conferences and care for Aids orphans and needy children, and build schools and health centers. In 2002 I started Omega School with 54 children under a mongo tree to meet the need of education for orphans needy children and soon after that I start Rescue African children (REACH) as an arm of True Word Ministries to minister to the needs of children.

First USA Visit

In 2004 I was blessed with a trip to USA for the first time and during this trip I promoted REACH. Many families embraced the dream and as a result over 200 children got linked to families for sponsorship.  A lot of good things have happened since then through REACH.

True Word Ministries, as the mother organization, has not been know by many of our friends and supporters and is the reason why I am sharing it with you; so that you can know how to pray for us as we spread the word. As a ministry we face challenges in our outreaches to different communities and villages with which we need prayers.

Tent Ministry OutreachTent Ministry

Our plan for 2011 is wide; as a ministry we are going be reaching many villages with all-night prayer meetings. At this type of over-night prayer meeting over 700 hundred people come and spend time in prayer. We are seeing the Lord’s working in the lives of many. We aim at doing this more and more this year but the challenge we face is the Tent we hire each time we go out. It cost us $300 to hire the tent alone and each month we do two meetings. It has proved to be expensive so we pray for the provision of our own tent.