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May 2012


Warm Christian greetings from Uganda. We do wish to extend our thanks to all of you who hold our ministries at heart.

Rev. Fred Tumwebaze
Ministering to the People

As we shared with you in our previous Newsletter, the 25th May, 2012 Overnight Prayer Meeting at Butagaya Sub-county was a success, though spiritual resistance was evident. As a result, we are going back and holding a four day conference in August, 2012.

The weather was unbearable, full of hailstorms. Yet over 700 people walked distances to join us in the tent. At exactly 8:00 p.m. the tent was full. This was the first time we had an overnight prayer meeting in our own tent away from Bewenge, Jinja. We received the strong message of God from Rev. Fred Tumwebaze, whose message was:

“Binding the strong man.”

Matthew 12: verse 29


It ignited spiritual power in people’s hearts. After the message we had a deliverance ministry and witnessed the demons being bound and fleeing from people with loud cries.

Overnight Prayer Meeting

The Overnight Prayer Meeting at Butagaya brought a good number of people to confess their sins and promised to stay in the fire of revival. The prayer meetings are becoming the hub of receiving spiritual power; “Therefore, we call upon you all to join hands with us in this powerful evangelistic ministry.”






Tent Ministry Outreach is a convincing evangelistic tool we are using to strengthen and win souls back to the Almighty God.

Area Pastors

We demonstrate the mysteries of the Good News and people turn to God. On June 29, 2012, we will be going to Buyengo Sub-county. The trend will be to keep going from one sub-county to another as we seek God’s presence and provision to enable us to transport God’s servants and equipment.

We look forward to giving you more updates in future newsletters as we progress with the calling. God bless you all!