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Pastor Fred’s Original Vision

Omega school

Omega Modern Primary School

Omega School is currently on less than one acre of land, yet the population has grown to over 500 students, orphans and vulnerable children, meaning they do need more space. As students are advancing academically, the need of a Secondary School is becoming paramount.

Therefore, the secondary school with occupy the current premises of Omega School. The six rooms under construction at the new site have been designed as required by the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda for future transition as Pastor Fred had anticipated originally.

With all the above, funding is the greatest challenge. However, the farm is quite promising and the site is gaining its beauty each new day the construction advances. We are seeking God’s presence and provision for us to accomplish our intended goal successfully. Please meditate and see how you can participate in this upcoming project. You can contact Pastor Fred and share ideas, support, and/or donations by emailing him at:

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